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Orders & Payments

  1. Why are the waiting periods so long? The reason for this is the ongoing chip crisis/component shortage. We had to redesign several products like the keyboard, trackball, trackpad and motherboard to use some different chips. This takes time, and our manufacturers also need some time to produce. However, we are in the process of producing enough stock to be able to ship your order faster.

  2. I want to cancel an order. That's okay. Just write to and let us know. We'll take care of it.

  3. I canceled an order, but haven't received a refund yet. In rare cases, the refund fails (mostly credit card). Please write to and we'll figure out another method together.

  4. I received the wrong article/parts are missing. Sorry for that! Please let us know via email and we'll find a solution.

  5. Crowd Supply still hasn't delivered my order. If you want to know about your order, you can contact them directly or take a look at our related community post. We've been told they are shipping again, so it's just a matter of time until you receive your item(s).

  6. My favorite payment option isn't listed. Which ones do you accept? We accept payments via credit card, SEPA and PayPal.

Shipping & Returns

  1. I haven't received a tracking code yet. When does my order ship? We need some time to ship orders due to component shortage (which resulted in redesigns and long waiting periods with our manufacturers in the past). However, we are in the process of producing enough stock to be able to ship your order faster. If you would like to receive an estimated time of delivery, you can take a look at our product page where the waiting period is listed or contact us via email.

  2. Which address do I send my item(s) to? Do I have to insure the package? Yes, we only accept insured packages. Please send it via UPS, FedEx or DHL Express only, with tracking code. We are not accepting packages sent to us via USPS as they never arrive.

    Our address is:

    MNT Research GmbH
    Fehlerstr. 8
    12161 Berlin

  3. I would like to combine shipments on 2 orders. At this time, you can't do it yourself. Please write to our support team and send us both order numbers. We'll combine them for you.

  4. Why are the shipping costs so high? There are several reasons for that. For one thing, the shortage on fuel has huge effects on the price which we have no influence on. For another thing, we only send insured packages as packages got lost or damaged in the past. This also creates high expenses. If the shipping costs prevent you from ordering and you'd like a cheaper, uninsured package or a letter, we can meet your request. Just send us a message to and we'll find a solution.


  1. I'd like to buy an individual component that isn't listed in the shop. Can I still buy it? No. Unfortunately, we don't have the capacities to meet individual requests.

  2. Can I customize my items? Customization options are displayed as variants in the shop. Apart from that, we are not able to meet individual requests.

  3. My address/email has changed. How can I update it? You can log into your account and change it from there. If you ordered as a guest you can contact us and we'll update the respective information for you.

Reform Products

  1. I'd like to stay in the loop about further developments regarding the Pocket Reform. We're happy to hear it! Please subscribe to our newsletter.

  2. My Reform has no sound. Have you tried to reboot? If this doesn't help we have a fix available.

  3. What are the differences between Kailh choc brown and Kailh choc white? The white switch makes a click and is louder in general. The brown switch is more tactile.

  4. Does the MNT Reform Keyboard support other switches? No, there are no hotswap sockets. Only choc switches are being supported.

  5. Does the MNT Reform Keyboard support Bluetooth? No, not at this point. We might add this feature in the future though.

  6. Will the MNT hoodies (or other merch) become available again? We don't know about the hoodies yet, but we're planning to make some screen-printed MNT T-Shirts and other clothing items. Please check our News Page for updates.

Amiga Products

  1. My ZZ9000 isn't working properly. We're sorry to hear it. Here are some ideas on how to fix it: Does the white LED on the ZZ9000 light up? Have you tried re-seating the ZYNQ module? Next step would be to purchase a UART->USB adapter (3.3v) and connect the J12 header and see, if you see any serial output on a PC (115200 baud). Also, the MicroSD card could be bad. You could try replacing it with a new one. If the white LED doesn't light up and you get no serial debug output even with a fresh MicroSD card, you could try replacing the ZYNQ module. Mouser currently has stock. Try using Ferrite clips (specially for flat cables) on both ends of the video slot adapter cable. It's possible that the cable is picking up EMI and disturbing things. The clips are called Fair-Rite 2643168251 (you need 2x of them). You can get them on Mouser or Digikey, for example. If nothing of these suggestions work, you can contact us via email.

  2. My ZZ9000AX isn't working properly. Did you double check all cable connections? This is the most common problem. Check ZZTop (included in ZZ9000 driver package), if it displays "ZZ9000AX detected". If all this doesn't help, please take another look at the manual.

Repairs & Warranty

  1. My item broke. Can I send it in for repair? Yes, you can. Please contact us beforehand to evaluate, if it is possible for us to repair it. Note that repair and shipping expenses might incur. Also, repairing items takes a while (several weeks). If this sounds acceptable to you, write us an email.

  2. Do you know of any repair shops that would be able to repair my MNT Reform? Yes, we know of at least one shop in the US. They charge approx. $250 for the repair.

Contact & Community

  1. I want to get in touch with you. What is your email address? You're welcome to contact us! Our email is and you can expect a reply within 7 days.

  2. Can I also call you or come by your office? Unfortunately not. As we're a small team that works constantly, it is difficult for us to make time for real-time communication or even visitors. If you'd like to talk to us, please write us an email.

  3. Is there a community where I can post questions or get more info on MNT related stuff? Absolutely! Your are very welcome to join the MNT community here.

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