Our Principles

MNT Research is driven by the idea of a digital future that is open source, accessible and modular. For us, giving people the ability to modify, update and customize their devices to their individual preferences is vital. We love the idea of helping build a community that shares its knowledge and skills, and that everyone can advance and contribute to current developments in software and components. The right to repair, the durability of our electronics, and the provision of autonomy in the sense of independence from corporate devices and operating systems controlled by tycoons are also key aspects of our philosophy.

It's amazing how many open source operating systems and software there are, but open hardware is still a rarity, and we want to change that. Our goal is to provide access to a digital life that is controlled by the user, and we want these users to be able to reproduce the devices themselves—because computers are indispensable tools for obtaining information, communicating and being creative.