Published: 2024-04-12 Updated: 2024-04-12 15:00:35 +0200

New Products from MNT

1. Powerful Processor Module RCORE RK3588 now available

MNT Reform RCORE RK3588 Processor Module

You want the maximum in CPU and GPU performance as well as RAM? Say no more! Our latest Processor Module, the RCORE with RK3588, is now the most powerful octa-core Processor Module option for MNT Reform. Let's see some specs:

We documented what this looks like in a video:

RCORE's Rockchip RK3588 processor has solid Linux and Mesa mainline support thanks to the work of Collabora. Full Debian support will be available in the MNT Reform System Image.

We'll produce our first batch on April 15, 2024. If you want in, order your module here.

2. MNT Reform Operator Handbook: 2nd Edition

This is huge: The 2nd Edition of our renowned MNT Reform Operator Handbook is out! We spent weeks and weeks of writing new paragraphs, editing sections, adding details and illustrations to the manual—because MNT Reform got a lot of new features over the last 3 years.

Changes include:

As usual, the handbook is available as a free digital version and as a hardcopy.

3. MNT Reform Keyboard: Matte Finish (Limited Edition)

For those who like their keyboard surfaces matte, we have a new, limited edition product in stock: the MNT Reform Standalone Keyboard in black with a matte finish.

MNT Reform Standalone Keyboard - Black Matte

It is now available in our shop.

4. MNT Reform Trackball Buttons (Transparent)

Last but not least, a small new product we have to offer is a set of transparent trackball buttons for MNT Reform. They match the transparent bottom plate and are pleasant to use. They are available here.

5 transparent trackball keycaps

Small Pocket Reform Shipping Update

Pocket Reform production is running at full speed and we'll be shipping the first units to Crowd Supply this month!

a lot of trackball sensors on a table

While Greta and Liaizon are busy assembling your Pocket Reforms, Lukas is polishing the software to give you a user-friendly experience. One of the new main features is the custom Setup Wizard, illustrated in this photo of Reform and Pocket Reform:

Reform and Pocket Reform showing the Setup Wizard. On Reform, the screen shows a render of Reform (top view), while on Pocket Reform, the screen shows the Pocket Reform key illustration.

We aim for an accessible device and are already looking forward to your feedback!

MNT in the Media

We are big fans of OSnews, a site that has been run by Thom Holverda for 20 years. So we were more than thrilled when he approached us and asked for an MNT Reform demo unit to test and review. He published his extended and well-written piece called "MNT Reform review: brutalist hardware, familiar software" on OSnews a few weeks ago. A highly recommended read!

Upcoming Events


As last year, Lukas, Greta and the Reform family will be present at Hackaday at Motionlab on April 13, 2024. If you're also there, say hi and try out our devices.

See you on Saturday or (almost) daily on the Fediverse!

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