Published: 2022-06-20 Updated: 2023-06-22 16:50:08 +0200

Introducing MNT Pocket Reform

Render of MNT Pocket Reform, Overview

Pocket Reform is a 7 inch mini laptop from MNT Research. We condensed the best features of MNT Reform into a smaller, lighter, and more affordable device while adding some new exciting details.

Mobile Writing

Whether you need to take notes at work or in the classroom, write your novel in a cafe, or journal on the bus—Pocket Reform's super compact, ortholinear mechanical keyboard has you covered.


Do you read and write a lot of email or coordinate your organization via chat? Pocket Reform comes with Mozilla Thunderbird preinstalled and has applications for messaging like Mastodon, Telegram, Twitter, IRC or Matrix ready for use. Need data away from WiFi? Pocket Reform can accept 4G and 5G WWAN modems, making messages retrievable anywhere you have cell service.

Remote Administration

On-call duty? Pocket Reform is the perfect terminal for system administration on the go. Leave your big laptop at home and enjoy a real keyboard and trackball for SSH and remote desktop.

Sofa Computer

Pocket Reform is the ultimate Sofa Computer: Lighter and smaller than a laptop, but more versatile and less constrained than a phone or tablet. Chill out and chat with your friends, watch a video, or remotely access your other PCs.


It’s quite inconventient to use a full laptop while commuting on a crowded bus or train, yet getting work done on a phone can be nigh impossible. Pocket Reform is a handy in-between device for efficiently using that time in transit—without drawing everyone’s attention.

Workplace and Industrial

Pocket Reform fits in spaces where other laptops can't: on an overfilled electronics workbench, in the server room rack (hard-wired with integrated ix Industrial Ethernet), used handheld in the warehouse stacks, or belt-mounted during maintenance in the field.

Office on the Go

Run the numbers, review a document or give a presentation at a conference-no problem with Pocket Reform's preinstalled LibreOffice and the integrated Micro HDMI port. Wirelessly sync files and photos with your phone and PC using Syncthing or SFTP.

Web Browsers

Pocket Reform ships with both Chromium and Firefox onboard. Quickly navigate the web on the go with the mini trackball and your favorite keyboard shortcuts.


Want to chill out? Fire up classic console and retro computer games on your couch with emulators like VICE, Amiberry, DOSBox, Snes9x or DuckStation.


Programming works best with a real keyboard. Using Pocket Reform, you can hack on your projects wherever you go and connect to your infrastucture with WiFi, USB-C or ix Industrial Ethernet.


Connect a USB-C audio interface and Pocket Reform can be your portable audio workstation with free music creation software like Ardour, MusE, LMMS or commercial packages like REAPER and Renoise.


With Pocket Reform, you're always in good company: the vibrant MNT Reform Community is there to help you along the way. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this thriving open hardware ecosystem.


Render of MNT Pocket Reform, Side View

Processors and RAM

Modular (you can choose and exchange CPU/RAM modules):






With default i.MX8MP module:

Optional Mobile Internet

Open Hardware

Render of MNT Pocket Reform Motherboard








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This page will be updated on a regular basis as new information becomes available. Pocket Reform was developed in collaboration with ThinkOutLoud. You can learn more about the history of the project and the research by ThinkOutLoud that went into it on the Pocket Reform blog.

MNT Pocket Reform will enter an early beta program soon. If you want to stay in the loop, please sign up to the Pocket Reform Newsletter below. If you want to give feedback or contribute, please join MNT Community or talk to our CEO Lukas F. Hartmann on Mastodon or Twitter.

Ana Dantas creates the industrial design. Philipp Brömme made the 3D art. Anri Hennies drew the icons.

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