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Hello. We apply research and design methods to all levels of computing, from the electronics to operating systems, applications and networks. We acknowledge the deeper history of computing and study its embodiments from wearables and smart textiles to workstations and servers. We believe that computers should not be devices for corporate data collection on people's lives. Instead, computers should empower people and give them exclusive control over their information. We are making this a reality by creating our own libre hardware, software and wearables.

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Unendlicher Spaß / Unendliches Spiel.

Crowd-Recording Platform & Video Streaming. For Andreas Ammer, Andreas Gerth and Acid Pauli, MNT developed the technology platform for crowd-recording and publishing the longest audiobook ever made: David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. The web-based platform allowed the authors to manage all 1500 pages of the book and let anyone record their voices to be part of the final work. The spectacular project is completed in February 2017. Website


2015 Hardware/Software Design. Teledisko is the world's smallest discotheque. Integrated in refurbished telephone booths, Telediskos are coin-operated machines that supply you with a full-blown, short-time partying experience, complete with fog, lighting effects, video sharing and photo printing. MNT developed Teledisko's hardware/software operating system and graphical user interface (GUI) on GNU/Linux, SDL and Arduino platforms. Today, Teledisko is a successful, self-sustaining business.


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MNT Research GmbH develops open source hardware, software and textiles in Berlin, Germany.

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MNT Research GmbH
Anschrift: Fehlerstr. 8, 12161 Berlin
Geschäftsführer: Lukas F. Hartmann
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg
Aktenzeichen: HRB 136605 B
VAT ID: DE278908891
WEEE: DE 33315564