1. MNT VA2000 Drivers

Hi, this is the MNT VA2000 driver download page. (More info about VA2000)

2. Firmware Update

3. Tools

VA2000CX Setup Tool

This tool allows you to 1. tweak the timing of the pixel clock of the chipset video capture process and 2. change some aspects of the screen mode that VA2000 outputs when the native Amiga chipset is active.

Download: Included in latest Driver Package.

Useful Presets to put in your S:Startup-Sequence: va2000cx-presets.txt

All Options (Surviving Reboot):

4. Help!

If something does not work as expected, don't worry. Check the following support threads for information or write me an email:

5. Beta, Old Firmware & Driver Archive

6. Contact, Legal

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