Published: 2014-06-29 Updated: 2019-12-22 21:11:57 +0100

Talk at Digital Bauhaus Summit 2014

Tools for Online Collaboration from the Developer’s Perspective

If you want to embark on a project together, questions regarding the right tools and spatial and temporal organization quickly pop up. How would you organize the team’s knowledge and the communication that is necessary for aggregating and distributing this knowledge?

Digital computers, their programs and networks are broadly available and accepted means of organization and communication today. Thus the impetus to use them in project management is understandable.

But as soon as you tackle this honorable enterprise, many more problems and questions appear: how to solve usability and accessibility, how to design and transfer knowledge? What are suitable modes of interaction? How do you integrate those ever-recording and never understanding devices in an anthropologically fit and socially acceptable way?

The probability of new collaboration software actually fulfilling its purpose and succeeding in the workplace is very low. This is in stark contrast to their development effort and cost. The talk will shed some light on the reasons for failure and success of digital collaboration tools from the perspective of one of their producers.

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